Bayn Services

Bayn Services is our range of ser­vices. We help you choose the right EUREBA® and fine-tune the taste and tex­ture of your appli­ca­tion, or to for­mu­late your own sug­ar reduc­tion solu­tion based on NAVIA®. Among oth­er things, we can help you

  • to sen­so­ry pro­file exist­ing products
  • to bench­mark com­pet­ing products
  • to cus­tomize sweet­ened fibers for your application
  • to pro­duce your cus­tomized sweet­ened fibres
  • to com­ply with reg­u­la­tions and laws and
  • to doc­u­ment prod­uct sheets, safe­ty sheets etc

You choose what you want help with. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.

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