NAVIA® is our range of ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides Reb A and Reb M. These ingre­di­ents are aimed at larg­er food and bev­er­age com­pa­nies, with their own prod­uct devel­op­ment capac­i­ty, who want to buy high qual­i­ty ingre­di­ents at an advan­ta­geous price. We are hap­py to help you devel­op your NAVIA® based sug­ar reduc­tion solution.

Below you will find a brief descrip­tion of all the vari­ants of NAVIA® we offer. At the end of each descrip­tion there is a link to down­load for detailed infor­ma­tion about each product.

NAVIA® sweetens with help of nature

NAVIA® is ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides in the form of pow­ders or gran­ules with vary­ing pro­por­tions of Reb A (50–98%) or Reb M (80–95%). We con­trol the entire chain from cul­ti­va­tion of ste­via in China to the sup­ply of ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides to our cus­tomers. It enables us to sup­ply Reb A and Reb M with high qual­i­ty and favor­able price. Below we describe them all. Click on the link after each descrip­tion to down­load the prod­uct sheet with detailed information.

Reb A provides natural sweetness

Rebaudioside A (Reb A) is the most com­mon­ly used ste­vi­ol gly­co­side in food and bev­er­age. It has a pur­er taste than many oth­er ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides. We offer ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides in the form of pow­der or gran­ules and with dif­fer­ent pro­por­tions of Reb A.

Reb M when it must taste like sugar

Rebaudioside M (Reb M) has a taste pro­file that is clos­er to sug­ar than Reb A. We offer ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides in the form of pow­der with dif­fer­ent pro­por­tions of Reb M.