Josef Lundström

Dabas — your shortcut to market

Are you famil­iar with Dabas? Are your prod­ucts list­ed there? Can you see the val­ue of it? If your answer to all three ques­tions is yes, you can stop read­ing now. All oth­ers should read on.

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Surf the natural wave

A strong trend is pass­ing like a great wave through the sea of con­sumers. Ever more con­sumers want “nat­ur­al” foods, or at least foods that don’t con­tain “unnat­ur­al” ingre­di­ents. The hys­te­ria around E-num­bers is a source of wor­ry. But have you con­sid­ered how your com­pa­ny can make use of this trend? How can you surf the wave of greater con­sumer aware­ness about man­u­fac­tur­ing meth­ods and ingre­di­ents? In this arti­cle I will give you a few hints to get started.

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Stevia – from seed to Eureba

Stevia is a herb that grows wild in Paraguay’s rain­for­est, but is also cul­ti­vat­ed for its sweet taste. The sub­stances that give the sweet­ness — ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides — are extract­ed with a process that is sim­i­lar to how sug­ar is extract­ed from sug­ar beets. Although it is 300 times sweet­er than sug­ar, it has zero calo­ries. A dream for food pro­duc­ers. Well ... The intense sweet­ness is also a chal­lenge. How could one kilo of sug­ar be replaced by three grams of ste­vi­ol gly­co­sides? That is solved by Eureba that replace sug­ar one-to-one. Read about ste­vi­a’s jour­ney from seed to Eureba.

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